Court admissible paternity DNA testing is used in judicial procedures, but non-court admissible testing can be used in non-judicial cases. We encourage all clients to choose court admissible testing regardless of circumstances. If the results are ever needed in court, the test will not have to be repeated.

Judicial courts require chain of custody to determine the validity of the DNA test results. Court-admissible tests insure:

  • The individual in question’s DNA is tested and accurately reported.
  • The specimen was not substituted or manipulated.
  • The DNA sample integrity is maintained and valid results are obtained.
  • Court admissible testing is a strict legal process. Rapid DNA testing services follow all legal guidelines, and the results are valid in court.

When custody is being determined in a court case, court admissible DNA testing is required. Legal paternity testing accurately assesses the relationship between children, alleged parents and other relatives. Court admissible results settle the issue of paternity, which help the judicial system settle issues of child custody, parental responsibility and visitation.

For court admissible DNA testing in a child custody case, please call ARCpoint Labs.


The laboratory must be informed of the circumstances, because it is possible for the men to have similar genetic markers even when DNA analysis is performed. Extended testing may need to be performed until one man is excluded. Related alleged fathers should be tested at the same time until one man is excluded.

No. When the mother and alleged father are related, the testing is still valid.

No. DNA testing is not affected by the bacteria inside the mouth, common foods, tobacco, or toothpaste.

Although some saliva is contained on the swabs, the technician is actually collecting cells from the inside of the mouth.  It is the epithelial cells from inside the mouth that are tested, not the saliva.

For purposes of identity testing, there is no difference between the DNA obtained from buccal swabs and that which is in blood.  Buccal swabs are less invasive for patients because they do not require the stick that a blood draw requires.

Parties will be required to present a photo ID at the time of collection (i.e. driver’s license, passport, birth certificate). A Chain of Custody form will be completed, requiring signatures and photographs of parties in the case. A legal guardian’s signature will be required for any minors.

DNA samples are collected by gently rubbing the inside of the mouth using a non-invasive, cotton-tipped swab (buccal swab). Epithelial (cheek) cells adhere to the swab. Once collected, each swab is marked with the party’s identification and sent to our lab for testing.


Rapid Screenings has access to the largest network of clinical laboratories in the United States employing advanced technology in paternity testing. Producing an average probability of 99.9% makes the DNA tests performed at LabCorp exceptionally reliable.

Court cases involving child custody and support or visa applications and immigration have used our Rapid DNA testing results as solid evidence. Our Rapid DNA testing results have also been used as evidence in court cases of estate settlements and inheritance.

You can expect Rapid DNA test results in as little as 3-5 business days from the date the samples are collected at one of our patient service centers.

DNA is the building block for everything that makes your existence. Because you are human, your DNA will match with most other humans nearly in every way. The slight differences found in all of us are caused by the slight variations found in specific places on our DNA.

Through these variations, we can use DNA to identify individuals. DNA evidence left at crime scenes on TV shows are routinely used to catch criminals by their DNA left behind. The work done at Rapid Screenings has to do with a more common aspect of DNA – the actuality that it is all inherited from your biological parents. Through this knowledge, we can provide proof of family relationships through DNA testing.

All the clinical laboratories used by Rapid Screenings Center are CLIA-certified. We can provide all of the same standard tests offered by any normal hospital or doctor’s office at our federal and state certified testing centers.

In most cases our laboratories will require an appointment. This way your counselor can better inform you of the tests needed or the additional information that needs to be gathered in order to provide you with accurate results. You can expect same day or next day testing with most of Rapid Screenings tests. To learn more, please contact a counselor today.

With more than 6,000 medical laboratories across the nation, you are sure to find a patient service center near your home or place of work. The services or testing you desire will determine how close to you one of our laboratory locations.

Results are typically available within three to five days from when we receive your samples at the Rapid Screenings Center. In some cases, results are ready the next day. You can call us at (866) 866-0879 to check the status of your results.

Rapid Screenings Center © is fast, reliable and confidential. Test results depend on the test being performed or the method of testing.

We do not require appointments to deliver you your results; we can contact you via email within one week of you visiting one of our test laboratories.

You can call us at (866) 866-0879 to check the status of your results more quickly.

We provide tests to help verify family relationships between brothers and sisters, children and their parents, as well as grandparents. In some cases, we can determine paternity without having samples from the parent in question.

In routine cases, the mother and child and the supposed father should be tested. For special cases, the supposed father and child should be tested. For more information on specific cases not listed, call us today.

Rapid Screenings is the leading provider of accurate, confidential paternity testing. We also have received awards for our customer service and are dedicated to providing customers with quick and accurate results. Our clients trust us as an accurate source for some of the most valuable information they will ever receive.

You also don’t have to worry about setting an appointment to obtain your results when you choose Rapid Screenings. Within one to five days following your laboratory visit, you can expect results either in person or via email if requested.

For a quicker response on the status of your results, call us at (866) 866-0879.

Age is not a factor when DNA paternity testing is involved. Testing on newborns has even been done using their umbilical cord blood.

After a child is born, samples can safely be collected with use of a cotton swab. Gently run the cotton swab along the inside of the baby’s mouth.

Use of a cotton swab is the most ideal and suggested collection method for a Rapid DNA test because it’s painless and non-invasive.

Results can be received in as little as 1 to 5 days after your laboratory visit. You do not need to schedule an appointment to get your results. For you convenience, we can also get in touch with you through email.