About Us

Our Promise

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients with of the highest level of accuracy with their DNA testing. By making use of the most advanced testing technologies, we can provide our clients with guaranteed accuracy in just a short amount of time. We have a network of laboratories worldwide that provide precise documentation for legal casework requiring chain of custody records. We take great pride in our reputation of being one of the tip private laboratory solutions in the industry. Rapid Screenings has one of the largest network providers of private medical testing in the nation. Our laboratory network is not restricted in its practice to simply provide paternity and forensic DNA testing, but has an unparalleled technical talent and knowledge in the analysis of chemical contaminants, environmental bacteria and fungi, vaccine development, consulting, anthrax and other chemical and biological warfare agents, toxicology, expert witness, research and development and the manufacture of medical devices.

Why Choose Us

  • Completely Confidential
  • Accuracy
  • Affordable
  • Accredited
  • Conveniently Fast
  • Secure

Lowest Price Guaranteed

If you find another DNA testing laboratory that offers the same DNA and paternity testing services at lower price, we will match their price. * * Test should be equal or lesser in process. For more information on our lowest price guarantee, please contact a service representative.

Test Accuracy

Across the DNA testing industry, paternity tests are generally performed on samples using between 4 and 43 markers. Our tests provide greater than 99.999% accuracy and uses 16 genetic markers. In some cases when a more complex test is required, we can provide a 21 marker test that is more accurate.

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