AccuPlex DNA

AccuPlex DNA

The most accurate, most advanced type of DNA test available.

AccuPlex DNA consists of our two upgrades over the standard 16 Marker DNA Test. AccuPlex26 and AccuPlex41 allow for higher accuracy and a lower chance of inconclusive results. While other labs test (at most) 16 markers, we give the ability to test 26 and 41 markers (AccuPlex26 and AccuPlex41), to help strengthen results. We've had such great success with our AccuPlex41 test, that we now only sell Sibling, Aunt / Uncle, and Grandparent DNA Tests as that. Most of our other services are eligible for the 41 marker DNA Test

Understanding DNA Markers

Limitations of a Standard 16 Marker Test

A DNA Marker is a known location that can be used to identify cells.

Mutations in DNA and the vast number of possible outcomes can produce scenarios where the results are not always true. By including the extra markers found in AccuPlex26 and AccuPlex41, we have successfully removed a large portion of those inconclusive cases.
Rapid Screenings uses multiple, known markers (or locations) in each of its DNA Tests to identify family relationships. AccuPlex DNA increases the amount of these known markers, providing a more accurate DNA Test. Inconclusive results are an unfortuante outcome in our industry. AccuPlex DNA was created to solve that by testing more markers the first time.



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