Adoption & Reunion

Adoption & Reunion Testing

Instead of hiring a private detective, DNA Reunion uses progressive technological registry and your DNA to bring together adoptees and their biological parents. Through DNA technology, previous knowledge of the biological parents is unnecessary.

The DNA Reunion registry is convenient and painless to participate in.

What is DNA Reunion testing?

Using advanced technology, DNA Reunion uses the power of DNA to match birth parents and adoptees. To complete this test, it’s not required to have any biographical information about the person in question. Taking these tests is painless, easy and convenient.

When is Adoption testing needed?

In the United States, there are on average 120,000 adoptions, with 18,000 or more being inter-country adoptions. In estimates, adopted children account for nearly 6 million of the children in the US.

Even in spite of the miracles of adoption, sometime both biological parents and adopted children yearn to meet. Often the reason is an event of monumental proportions in the life of one party or the other, such as marriage or the birth of another child.

Today, medical histories of patients’ biological parents are nearly as important in diagnosing and treating diseases as their own.





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