Avuncular DNA Test

Avuncular testing establishes the statistical likelihood that a biological relationship exists between two test participants.

Typically this test is performed when determining paternity or maternity of a sibling of the alleged parent. A Chain of Custody will be used to establish the identity of all parties being tested.

We advise testing the available parent(s) of the child in question. If a child’s parent is unobtainable, an avuncular DNA test can still be performed with a substitute DNA sample (hair, toothbrush, etc.) for a court-admissible DNA test.

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We offer two affordable and easy methods of collecting DNA samples. Both these methods are used to for doing a private and fast sample collection in your home.

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Test Description:

Includes 1 Possible Aunt or Uncle (sibling of the alleged father), 1 Child (of the alleged father), and 1 Biological Mother (optional, but strongly recommended). Results in 3-5 business days from the time that samples arrive at the laboratory.

Hows it work?:

Unlike a DNA paternity test, which provides a relationship result, avuncular DNA tests are different. An avuncular DNA test determines the genetic profile of the alleged relatives, which creates what is known as the avuncular index.

Index Averages:

When the avuncular index is less than 1.00, it is established that no relationship exists. When the avuncular index is greater than 1.00, it is more likely that the tested individuals are true biological relatives. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, yielding the most accurate results.

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