Immigration Testing

Call us to receive comprehensive information for the specific immigration test you need. The spouses, parents, children or siblings of citizens of the United States can have a petition filed for their immigration to the United States. The spouses and unmarried children of permanent residents can be pled for as well.

More often than not, there is an adequate amount of documentation and records to establish existing relationships and meet the requirements of the U. S. Citizen and Immigration Services Department.

In cases where they require more proof of a biological relationship, it could be suggested to take a voluntary DNA test. Normally these tests are required for immigration, passports, and occasionally other reasons. Be sure to request the reason for the test so that we can help you to give the appropriate type of report for the specific U.S. agency requesting the specimen collection and documentation.

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Immigration DNA Test

A single AABB accredited Paternity or Maternity DNA Test to provide proof of family relationships for immigration purposes.

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Immigration DNA Test II

Save money when you require a combined Paternity/Maternity DNA Test to provide proof of family relationships for immigration purposes. Both DNA tests are AABB accredited.

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Immigration DNA Testing Specifications

With a goal to become a citizen or resident of the United States under the conclusion that you are a relative of a U.S. citizen, you will need to provide conclusive evidence of an existing relationship. Each of these tests is distinct and conducted on a case-by-case situation. Call us to learn more about the specific immigration test you will need.

Citizens of the United States can file a petition for the legal immigration of their spouses, parents, children, or siblings. Those who are permanent residents can also file petitions for their spouses and unmarried children.

Usually there is sufficient evidence in written documents and records to confirm a specific biological relationship by the Immigration Services Department. However, in certain instances where written documents do not suffice, it’s usually advices to undergo voluntary DNA testing. These tests can also be requested for passports and immigrations, but can also be requested for other reasons.

If testing is advised, it’s important to determine the reason for the test. The purpose dictates which U.S. Agency is in charge of sample collection and reports.

Petitioner DNA Collection

The citizen or resident of the United States is the petitioner in the case of immigration testing. For convenience, an appointment can be set at a facility near the petitioner’s home to collect the DNA sample. To perform the test, the petitioner will need a copy of the letter from the USCIS/Embassy requesting the test as well as a photo ID issued by the government.

In the situation that the letter is not accessible, a record or document sent from the government stating the particular case number would be required. This way the documentation from your test can be matched with your USCIS/Embassy case number.

DNA Collection of Beneficiary

A beneficiary is the person who is residing outside of the United States. Collection of the DNA sample from the beneficiary will take place at the U.S. Embassy within their country or at another location which the U.S. Embassy has approved.

The eligible specimen gathering kit must be shipped directly to this approved location from Rapid Screenings Center. All associated costs are inclusive with the immigration handling fee. After the kit has been sent, we will inform you of the appointment information or the tracking number.

Depending on the country in which the beneficiary resides, they may be contacted with information about the appointment or the petitioner may be contacted. However, in other countries Rapid Screenings may be contacted with the information about the appointment.

Wherever the appointment is held the beneficiary will need to bring their government issued identification to the appointment.

Finalized Reports

All finalized results will be received directly from the testing lab as required by the U.S. Government. The USCIS office or U.S. Embassy will receive all original photographs, documents, and two notarized copies of the test results shipped by the Rapid Screenings Center.

Test contributors must provide the laboratory with correct information as to where results should be sent. A precise tracking number is provided by Rapid Screenings Center for each shipment.

The immigration handling fee includes shipping fees associated with this shipment.

Testing Fees

Fees are required by all test subjects. The USCIS or Embassy is not responsible for payment of these fees.

Immigration DNA testing is associated with two different fees.

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