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In-Home Personal Paternity Test Kits

The at home paternity test kit has everything needed to identify someone genetically, as well as the sample collection tools. While not used for legal evidence, these tests are effective in giving peace of mind and private knowledge. Just use the directions provided to gather specimens and send them to us. Outcomes can be reported within 5-8 business days. Unless specified differently (email or fax), the outcome of your test will be mailed to the address on your consent form. If not notified in writing, the outcomes are stringently confidential and will be exclusively released to those submitting the test; the father, child, or child’s caretaker or mother if the child is under the age of 18. Please remember that the outcomes of these in-home tests are not permissible as evidence in the Family Law Court. In order for any outcome to be used in court as evidence, a notary must witness the sample collection; therefore, these tests may not be creditable. To learn more about making the outcomes permissible evidence, please give us a call.

Compare our DNA Test to Store bought kit.

Rapid DNA Home DNA Paternity Kits are actually less expensive than the kits you find in a “drug store” . The average cost of a test kit sold at stores like Walmart, CVS or Walgreens is $30.00. However, you have to pay tax in addition to that. Then there are the “hidden cost” found inside them.

The tests you purchase at a retail store never include the lab processing fees which typically add an additional $130.00, sometimes more, to the test. You also have to send your DNA samples at your cost to the lab to be processed. By the time you are finished, you are looking at close to $200.00 for a 16 marker test that took 2 weeks to complete!  With Rapid DNA Testing, we can perform a way easier, much faster and more accurate DNA test (up to 41 Markers), at a price that is far less than you would end up paying with a retail packaged test kit.

The big difference

Store DNA tests are NOT like home pregnancy tests that provide instant results. You must send in your sample and pay an additional fee for your results!

  • Why advertise your paternity test to everyone in the checkout lane of your neighborhood store?
  • Why buy a $30 paternity test kit in the store – that only contains a few cotton swabs and envelopes – and then pay an additional $129 for lab fees?
  • Why drive around town looking for a paternity test that may be sold out or not offered at your local store?
  • Why wait up to two weeks for your test results?
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We offer two affordable and easy methods of collecting DNA samples. Both these methods are used to for doing a private and fast sample collection in your home.

Call us at 1-866-873-0879 or request a call back today and a personal consultant will be happy to provide you any information you need for DNA testing.
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Simple 3 Step Process

Order your DNA testing kit or create your own
Follow our simple swab collection instructions and drop the samples in the mail.
The DNA paternity test takes 2-5 working days to run in the laboratory.

RSC DNA Collection Kit

For each participant, you will receive from us:

  • Instructional Pamphlet: Step-by-step guide to collecting the DNA samples.
  • Cotton Swab(s): Standard cotton-tipped swab used inside the cheek.
  • Sample Envelope: For each sample, place the used cotton swab into the envelope and complete the details.
  • Mailing Envelope
  • Options for fast test results

Please call us at 1-866-873-0879, and a personal consultant will be happy to work with you to complete the requirements for DNA testing.

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Make Your Own DNA Kit

This method is the fastest and easiest way to collect your samples and sent to us. Requires cotton swabs (such as Q-Tips) and standard mailing envelopes. If you need to send Non-Standard Sample(s), we require the Make Your Own Kit.

To get the fastest results possible, choose to Make Your Own Kit, add Rush Processing, and send with Express Overnight Shipping.

How To Make A Kit?


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