How to make a DNA kit from home

Make Your Own DNA Kit Instructions

Requires cotton swabs (e.g. Q-Tips) and envelopes for each participant.

Please follow the following steps to collect the DNA sample. When finished with one person, repeat for other participants. Collection should take 5 to 10 minutes per person:

Step 1: Swab the inner cheek

  • Swab inside the cheek with medium pressure for twenty (20) seconds.
  • Repeat using the other end of the cotton swab on the same person.
  • You are collecting skin cells, not just saliva. Use enough pressure to ensure you gain cells without harming the individual.

Step 2: Seal inside a standard sized paper envelope

  • Place the single cotton swab into a standard envelope.
  • Do NOT use plastic bags.
  • Seal the envelope with tape. Please don’t lick the envelope, as it can affect the DNA sample.

Step 3: Write the details on the envelope detailing the sample

  • Order ID. Provided at checkout and confirmation email.
  • Collection Date. The date you collected the sample.
  • Phone. Please provide the phone number associated with your order. We will only call if there is an issue with your sample.
  • Name. First and Last. Please print clearly, this name will be shown as given on the official DNA Lab report.
  • Date of Birth. The participant’s date of birth. Used in calculation.
  • Role. How this participant relates to the other samples. Choose from: Alleged Father, Child, Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, Sibling, Other (Explain).
  • Race. Dominant race of participant. Choose from: Asian, Affrican American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American, Other (Explain). Used in calculation.

Complete steps 1-3 for each person seperately.

Step 4: Combine and send the samples

  • Place all sample envelopes into a main mailing envelope.
  • Place the following address onto the envelope:
    DNA Lab
    Order ID: (found in confirmation email)
    109 W Main St, Suite 201
    Somerset, PA 15501-2066
  • Use a reliable mail carrier to send your samples. We suggest express shipping with tracking.

Choose the Best Sample

When considering a non-standard sample, please keep the following points in mind:

  • One (1) Non-Standard sample increases the price of your test by $75.
  • If there is no usable DNA on the item, to resend another non-standard sample will cost $125. That includes $75 for the non-standard sample and $50 for replacing a sample.
  • Choose the best possible sample the first time. If you have multiple non-standard samples,only send the one you want processed.

Tip: Submitting a Non-Standard Sample If you are unable to send a standard mouthswab sample, you can submit a non-standard sample for a fee. We will attempt to extract DNA from the article to use in your case. Please review our Types of DNA Samples for more information.

Terms and Conditions

Each person collecting and submitting a DNA smaple must agree to the following Terms & Conditions: I do certify that I have the legal right to consent to have the enclosed DNA sample(s) tested for the purposes of determining a biological relationship. I understand that having self collected the samples within this envelope that there is no established chain of custody. With my signature I consent to have this sample tested and I verify that the above information is correct.

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